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Torre San Teobaldo

Wilderness Safran del Roero

Wilderness Safran del Roero

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Wilderness Safran del Roero is a unique variety of saffron with an unmistakable scent. Distinguished by its distinct aroma, this saffron is perfect for adding exceptional aroma and flavor to any dish.

Saffron produced in the hills of the Roero region near the tower.

Discover Wilderness Safran, a luxurious certified first class Saffron from the hills of the Roero region in Italy near the tower "Torre San Teobaldo". Handcrafted by Mariuccia and Roberto with love and care, this Saffron is produced in the most natural way possible, free from conventional treatments. A true masterpiece, Wilderness Safran adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your dishes..

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